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Application & Rental Criteria

Irving Properties Inc. is committed to compliance with all federal, state, and local fair housing laws.  Irving Properties Inc. will not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, familial status, disability, or any other specific classes protected by applicable laws. Irving Properties Inc. will allow any reasonable accommodation or reasonable modification based upon a disability-related need. The person requesting any reasonable modification may be responsible for the related expenses.

Criminal: *Check Minneapolis Guidelines at the bottom of the page*

· Felonies within the last 7 years may be grounds for denial.

· Gross Misdemeanor Convictions within 3 years may be grounds for denial.

· No sexual offender status or sexual crimes against people

· No crimes against minors or animals

*All criminal background checks reviewed via the minimum inclusive criteria timelines outlined in Minneapolis Code of Ordinances 244.2030.


Pending Charges Policy:

Irving Properties Inc. has a duty under Minnesota Statute 504B.161 to keep all properties and common areas fit for use by its residents and in compliance with health and safety laws of the state and local units of government  In order to comply with these statutory duties and keep residents safe and secure in their homes, Irving Properties Inc. must properly screen tenants and deny all applicants that are a threat to health, safety, and general welfare of its residents and property.  


ALL rental applicants who face pending probable cause criminal charges (prior to trial, settlement, or sentencing) involving any criminal act, any misdemeanors or felony, that involves: possession, use or sale or distribution of illegal drugs or narcotics,  threats or acts of violence, any theft, any threat or act of damage to property, or threat or act of danger to another, will be denied pending a final resolution on the merits.


A "Risk Summary" of an F is grounds for denial.

A “Risk Summary” score of a D or less is grounds for denial with one or more of the below listed criteria infractions. A “Risk Summary” C or less is grounds for 1.5x mo. security deposit.

· No unpaid landlord collections.

· No more than two non-medical collections.

*All rental properties located outside of Minneapolis must meet a credit score of 650.


Rental History:

 No damage to property beyond ordinary wear and tear.

· No police calls other than as a victim of domestic violence.

· No complaints from neighbors.

· No eviction with a judgment against any applicant less than 3 years before application date

· No eviction settled/no judgment or writ against any applicant less than 1 year before application date.

· Any bad faith withholding of info will result in denial. If discovered after approval or signed lease, the bad faith info will become a material breach grounds for immediate eviction.


· Written Documentation of Gross Income of 2.95 the monthly rent amount per month. Paystubs or written other proof of payment at or above the 2.95 are required within the last 30 days.

Cosigner Option:

*To qualify with a cosigner you must meet all requirements listed above but one.

· If you are denied because of not meeting the income requirement, a cosigner meeting all our criteria can apply and sign a lease with you.

· If you are denied due to non-housing collections on your credit report, a cosigner who owns a home in Hennepin County AND meets all our criteria can apply and sign a lease

Lease Terms:

  • We reserve the right to implement a month to month lease with a Risk Summary score of C or less.


How many people can live in an apartment?

Studio - up to 2 people                                1 Bedroom - up to 2 people

2 Bedrooms - up to 4 people                       

3 Bedrooms - up to 6 people                      

Bussiness Relationship:

  • This is a business relationship between landlord and tenant. Any maltreatment towards Irving Properties staff or use of profanity is grounds for denial.

For more information refer to the Minneapolis Ordinance linked below

View our full rental criteria and the Minneapolis criminal history guidelines for renting.

Submits application instantly. You are able to pay $40 application fee with a debit card or credit card at end of application.

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